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The free tournament maker app

Create, plan, and manage tournaments and events in no time with the instantLIGA tournament maker app. You can plan and manage practically any team sport tournament, eSport tournament, dual sport tournament, family or company tournament. And you can report and share results and standings in real-time with spectators, family and friends.

Great for clubs, schools, families, friend groups, companies 

Online and offline tournaments

Stay up-to-date on teams, results, and matches

Follow a team and view standings.

View the match schedule.

View match results and live scores.

iPhone, iPad, Android

Create tournaments in the app now!

Download the instantLIGA mobile app and start scheduling and generating tournament events.  You get immediate access to all features: creating tournaments, reporting results and following tournaments.

Available for Android and iOS. Tournaments and results can be viewed in all major browsers.



Create a tournament plan

Tournament venues

Add fields, courts, consoles, or places

Add as many fields and courts as you need.

Tournament details

Tournament settings

Make adjustments to the tournament settings. Is it a round robin tournament or an elimination tournament or a combination? Specify match length and add more tournaments.

Teams in tournament

Add teams to tournament

Add all the teams or individual players. Generate the tournament schedule immediately. 

Tournament bracket generator

View and share tournament

View the complete tournament plan and brackets. Review and share.  Adjust details right up to till the start of the first match.

Ball games, boardgames, family games, friends tournaments

Manage all types of tournaments

Follow a tournament

Enter the id of the tournament you want to follow.  Or search for a name.  

Start creating tournaments. Get the free app.

Create a tournament bracket
Share a tournament bracket
Follow a tournament or team