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Tournament event maker and manager

Football. Soccer. Tennis. FIFA. Chess. Darts. Ice Hockey. Floorball. Esports. Volleyball. Basketball. Pétanque. Padel. Board Games. Handball.

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Sports tournament maker app

Create a sports tournament or event in the free instantLIGA app. You can create tournaments for all types of sports and for a number of tournament types.

Tournament creator

instantLiga - tournament creator app

Plan tournaments and competitions for your sport:

  • Round-robin tournament - everyone against everyone
  • Cup tournament - knockout
  • Pool tournaments with knockout rounds
  • Tournaments with A-finals and B-finals

International tournaments and schedules

Tournament app in multiple languages

 Great for international tournaments. Available in:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Danish

Instant tournaments

Simple and advanced tournament planning

Create tournaments

  • Create divisions with courts, times, match duration, and time between matches
  • Assign points
  • Create teams or individual players - with or without seeding
  • Create courts with description and time between matches

Update and share tournaments

Plan sports tournaments and competitions in free app

  • Share with spectators, participants,and friends
  • Share with referees
  • Follow matches live
  • View statistics
  • Insert breaks between matches
  • Follow your favorite team

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