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Create, manage, and share FIFA tournaments

Create a FIFA tournament
Schedule a FIFA tournament

Create a FIFA a tournament with the free instantLIGA app. Create tournaments for friends, families or just other FIFA fans and start playing on your Xbox or PlayStation.


You can create different types of tournaments:

Tournament types

  • Round Robin tournaments. All players play against each other.
  • Elimination tournaments. Knockout or sudden death tournament.
  • Combination tournaments. A tournament with both round robin and knockout stages just like Champions League.

How to create and manage a FIFA tournament

Before starting you will need the instantLIGA mobile app. If you haven’t downloaded it already, get it from the Appstore or Google Play and start planning. And remember, it’s free.

  1. Create a tournament
  2. Add teams or individual players
  3. Share the tournament
  4. Review the generated schedule and start the playing


iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows

Get the tournament app instantLIGA!

Download the instantLIGA mobile app and start scheduling and generating tournament events.  You get immediate access to all features: creating tournaments, reporting results and following tournaments.

Available for Android and iOS. Tournaments and results can be viewed in all major browsers.