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How to handle tournament details

How to handle tournament no shows

If a team or a player doesn't show up, here's what you can do.

  • If it is just for one match, then add a comment to the match and specify the winner accordingly.
  • If you know before the event starts that a team or a player is a no show, you can delete the team and and replan the tournament. However, this will change kick-off times.
  • If it is for the entire event, you can change the name to include the "NO SHOW" and set the winner for all matches.  If there is a substitute team or player, simply update the name.

How to handle sets in tennis, squash, volleyball, badminton, table tennis

The simplest way to handle the score for sports that use sets, is to use the integers for the sets, and the comments for set details.  This way, the winner is correctly identified and the fans can see how the sets developed.

How to split fields during an event

Some events have younger players playing on a field that is split in two and seniors playing on the entire field later or the next day. 

In instantLIGA, you create three 3 fields to handle this situation, for example "Main Field A, Main Field B, Main Field".  In the youth tournament, select the smaller fields A and B, and then in the senior tournament,  select the larger field. 

The same concept can be applied in many other situations where fields or equipment are shared between tournaments.

How to handle many similar tournaments in one event

It is easy to create many similar tournaments in your event. This is because the settings from the last tournament you created or modified are used when you create the next tournament.

How to share events with others

If you use the link from the share feature in the app, many devices will automatically open the app with your event selected.  If they do not have the app then your event is shown in the browser.