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Find and follow a tournament

Following a tournament or a team is straightforward. Just enter the name and click search. Some tournaments are not public, so here you'll need a tournament ID to follow the tournament.

The id starts with "iL-" as in iL-abc1234. You can get the link from the tournament administrator.

Find and follow a tournament or event created in the instantLIGA app. It's free.

  1. Open the app.  
  2. Go to the menu and tap Find Event.  If it's the first time that you use the app, this menu item opens automatically.
  3. If the event is public, you don't need an event id. You can just search for the name of the tournament.
  4. Type the tournament or event id and you're done.


iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows

Get the tournament app instantLIGA!

Download the instantLIGA mobile app and start scheduling and generating tournament events.  You get immediate access to all features: creating tournaments, reporting results and following tournaments.

Available for Android and iOS. Tournaments and results can be viewed in all major browsers.