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Generate tournaments and brackets without using Excel

If you love creating tournaments in Excel or other types of spreadsheets, you don’t have to read any further. Simply go back to your spreadsheet and enjoy. However, if you find it time-consuming and cumbersome, then read on.

How to create a tournament without Excel

If you’re one of the many volunteers that most sports events rely on, and you’re starting to plan a tournament, instantLIGA is here to make your life easier. And for free.

Generates tournament plan and brackets for you

Here’s just some of the things the app does for you automatically, so you don’t have to use formulas as you would in Excel:

  • Generates the tournament schedule.
  • Generates brackets.
  • Assigns fields (or courts or controllers) to all games.
  • Handles seeding.
  • Includes match length.
  • Includes time between matches in plan.
  • Enables you to share the tournament details easily with other volunteers.
  • Keeps you and everyone involved in planning up to date. You’re always working with the most recent version tournament. There are no local versions or copies floating around.
  • Gives you total control over when the tournament goes live.

Features not in Excel

Obviously, there’s a lot more to managing a tournament than creating the schedule. Once the first game has started, you want to be able to report and share results. And if you’re a spectator, a friend or family member you want to be able to follow one or more teams. That’s all possible in the instantLIGA app. To learn about this, check out our guides. And of course, don’t forget to download the app.