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Tournament statistics

In this post, I'll explain the tournament statistics page in the instantLIGA app.  Statistics is something that most of us sports enthusiasts love.  It's always enjoyable to hear a fun fact while watching a game on TV.

This information is a bit technical, so bear with me.

How to view tournament statistics and analytics

If you're managing a tournament or sports event, you have a natural interest in knowing the progress of the tournament but you're probably also interested in knowing if the tournament is being followed by participants and spectators.

In the app, everybody can now view a so-called instantGraphic.  Instant because it is real-time. Graphic comes from InfoGraphic or graph - you can view both numbers, text, and fun icons, and... graphs.  

View event facts

Managers, participants, and the press (!) can get facts on the size of the event.  The data is static and doesn't change during the tournament, but often changes during planning.

Follow the tournament progress

Follow the progress of completed matches.  The background functions as a progress bar (which just maybe is a bit too subtle). 

Follow the development in the number of goals/points/wins for the complete tournament and the average per match.

Find out about tournament delays

As the tournament administrator - or as a participant - you can see the average delay of the latest matches.  This data is helpful if you are asked about delays but it is also very helpful when planning the next event.

The drift is calculated as the time from the planned end of a match until it was actually reported done.  So the delay can also be due to the reporting style that is being used.

Find out how many views your tournament has

Follow the number of views from the web or the app.  In the background of this tile, the history for the last 14 days is shown.  A view is a page-load in the browser.  In the app, the launches are counted together with refreshes.  It is not "unique users" which most web-analytics focus on.

You can see how many saves the administrator has made during the planning of an event.  And when the tournament starts, you can see how many results have been reported. Ha,ha..., this is not that useful, but still interesting to follow.

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